Spa Essentials

Spa Etiquette

A trip to a spa should be a relaxing experience, so with some simple guidelines, you can maximize the enjoyment of your spa experience. On Langkawi island, Ishan Malaysian Spa is a Day Spa – opening its doors from 11am to 8pm daily.

Booking or Making Reservation

Peak hours for Day Spas are weekends and often late afternoons and evenings. It is important to book a desired treatment as far away or earlier from the date as possible. However, if you can accommodate a session mid-week in the day, it is generally an off-peak hour and you might be able to schedule a session.


Ishan Malaysian Spa only has female therapists, and as such, you may request their service subject to their availability and schedule.


If you arrive before your scheduled treatment, the amount of time originally allocated will stay or remain. However, if you are late or only just registering at the counter at the beginning minutes, the treatment time will be shortened. This is because the spa suite is generally booked for a later session, and your session must be wrapped up within the stipulated amount of time allocated.

Attire and Valuables

Kindly leave all valuables behind in the hotel safe and for those adorned, kindly leave them in the locker rooms provided in our spa. Please be informed that the management will not be responsible for any loss or damage to valuables brought into the spa.


Although a spa package or treatment already comes with its flow or procedure, you are entitled to ask for a slight change. An example is when you want the massage to come before you have the floral bath or shower. Preferences also include how cool the room should be, if you want music, and if you welcome conversation. Generally, therapists will not involve in small talk unless to answer your queries.

Avoid at all costs

No smoking, eating and drinking in the premises. No alcohol. Switch off or place on silent mode any cellular phone you have with you.

Cancellation Policy

Ishan Malaysian Spa adopts a 6-hour cancellation policy. Please honor this policy, as it pertains to the spa’s entitlement to charge you a cancellation fee and as a courtesy to other guests.