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Refresh your body naturally at Ishan Malaysian Spa

Libur - September 2007

You dream of tranquility and indulging experience of yourself being pampered? The sweet chirping of birds that’ll accompany you will surely take away all your stress and weariness. Your visit to the Ishan Malaysian Spa Langkawi will definitely ease away the tense and work load that has been burdening you.

Built at the edge of a natural forest on top of the hill next to Pantai Tengah, Ishan Malaysian Spa is totally different from all other spas. Ishan Malaysian Spa unites the traditional herbs knowledge of the Malaysian culture together with massage techniques and medication from Bali, Thailand, India and other selected countries. This unique mix of Asian techniques will definitely leave an experience that is so special, it will never be forgotten by those who come here.

Apart from that, this spa combines the specialty of natural herbs with medication and techniques from all over Asia to bring together a natural health and therapeutic cure program without any side effects.

Among the treatments you can enjoy here are Aromatherapy Massage, Ishan Twin Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Herbal Heat Massage, Maternity Massage, Eyes Massage and Mask, Herbal Body Scrub and Wrap, Naturopathy Facial and Ayurvedic Hair Treatment.

For further information about the spa treatment packages offered here, please contact Ishan Malaysian Spa directly at +6(012) 499 9906.

Experience the Indulgence at Ishan Malaysian Spa Langkawi

by Ermi Shuzila Washida Mohammad - Rapi 1 August 2007

You dream of tranquility and indulging experience of yourself being pampered? The sweet chirping of birds that’ll accompany you will surely take away all your stress and weariness. Your visit to the Ishan Malaysian Spa Langkawi will definitely ease away the tense and work load that has been burdening you. Ishan Malaysian Spa Langkawi is the preferred choice because of its own unique specialties. Every experience you go through at Ishan Malaysian Spa Langkawi will be the ones you will never forget.

Special and Indulging

Ishan Malaysian Spa is indeed a very special place. It is built at the edge of the forest on top of the hill next to Pantai Tengah. The carefully placed and arranged stones and natural wood creates a cool and relaxing atmosphere. Apart from that, Ishan Malaysian Spa also offers spa treatment service that is so unique and different from the other spa centers where it combines and mixes the refreshing and indulging natural wood scenery. While enjoying the indulgence of the Ishan Malaysian Spa, you are also able to savor the panoramic scenery of the Andaman Sea, right before your eyes in its vast expanse and beauty. Surely it will caress your soul while your body indulges itself in the spa treatment.

Besides that, you will also be enjoying the sweet sounds of the birds and see for yourself the beauty of the moist flora applied on your own skin. Your body will then be covered by banana leaves to soften your skin and helps the absorbing process, depending on the type and condition of your skin.

Naturopathy Facial

Offering a choice of masker according to skin type, which are yogurt, cucumber, Aloe Vera, fresh fruits and soy bean.

Ayurvedic Hair Treatment

Specially for hair treatment according to types with aroma from coconut oil followed with natural hair masker. This treatment uses hibiscus with its leaves, coconut milk, herbal leaves, henna leaves or yogurt and a mix of lime water with rose.

Other treatments:

  • Foot pampering
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Waxing

For a truly memorable getaway, you can also choose our special packages. Among them are:

  • Bougainvillea
  • Heliconia
  • Hibiscus
  • Orchid
  • Bird of Paradise
  • Plumeria

How to get here

Ishan Malaysian Spa is open everyday starting from 10.00 AM until 10.00 PM. It is located at Pantai Tengah, where you will find a lot of famous Langkawi restaurants besides the beautiful and attractive night scenery. It is in the heart of the tourism area and in close proximity with hotels that’ll take you around 30 minutes on foot. You can also dine at the Unkaizan Japanese or the Sun Karma restaurant. Lighthouse Restaurant at the seaside is also a famous tourist destination for a very nice dinner.

If you are interested in visiting the Ishan Malaysian Spa to obtain the special packages offered, send an email to

* Please note that Ishan Malaysian Spa no longer provides pedicure, manicure and waxing treatments.

Ishan Malaysian Spa Special Treatment

A combination of various massage techniques of both local and overseas promises a difference

by Fairul Asmaini Mohd Pilus - Santai Harian Metro 7 June 2007

The author’s visit to Ishan Malaysian Spa recently with media partners for the Cuti-cuti Spa (Spa Holidays), jointly organized by Tourism Malaysia’s Domestic Promotion Department and the Libur magazine, was welcomed by its employees with smiles while handing over moist and fragranced towels for us to cool down and ease the heat.

Located at the edge of the hill facing the shore makes Ishan Malaysian Spa so tranquil and soothing even if the weather outside is burning hot.

The build of Ishan Malaysian Spa characterized by traditional Malay house using entirely wood clearly show that this treatment center holds the time-proof legacy with very high esteem.

This spa has 6 rooms that fit in 16 massaging beds with the help of 12 staffs that are always abundant with smiles.

This spa offers special treatment from hair to toe like aromatherapy massage, hot stones, traditional herbs, naturopathy, yoga as well as removal of bodily hairs at affordable prices.

The opportunity to experience the provided massage is one that we did not let go, as based on the owner’s explanation, Baskaran, guests of Ishan Malaysian Spa will enjoy the specialty of the treatment that combines Indian techniques, Chinese, Malay, and several other selected countries.

According to Baskaran, Ishan Malaysian Spa had been visited by the national leaders and several local celebrities and also gave his word that guests will be attracted to the service and the difference in massaging techniques provided.

As soon as entering one of the rooms with 3 other media partners, the sweet smell of lime and lemongrass welcomes our presence.

The room with window facing the sea is definitely very calming and soothing and each of us is fascinated with the interior decorations that are very attractive even without the use of any modern furniture.

Definitely Baskaran delivers what he promises as an hour later after being caressed by the soft hands of his employees, the author’s body and other media partners feel light and fresh as if we had just finished exercising.

If before spa used to be concentrated in city area and exclusive places, now it is nothing but history as spa centers like this exist everywhere including in island areas.

This creates a new dimension in the local tourism industry as all this while tourism is synonym to recreation, shopping, and relaxation, but now spa treatment can be one of the must-do activities when going on a getaway.

Treatment of Spa in the Woods

Body pampering treatment technique in an environment that emphasizes the Malaysian traditional architecture under the shades of tropical rain forest.

by Hamzah Abd Hamid - Kosmo 20 May 2007

Taking the location of the southernmost land protrusion of the Legendary Island Langkawi, Ishan Malaysian Spa indeed welcomes its guests in its very own class. Proud with the true treatment of Malaysian Spa, it preserves the multi-cultural identity through treatments aspect, substances used, interior decorations and also the architecture.

This spa facility is developed according to the hilly landscape that faces Pantai Tengah and Andaman Sea. Not only that the hill’s rocks become the base of the landscape, every building in this spa is built using selected wood that are given classy finishing.

The main entrance to the registration area has purposely built narrow staircases to be climbed by guests. A clay pond with formation of various colored flowers floating on the water presents the first impression of the whole facility. The hibiscus’ red and Alamanda’s yellow color creates an attractive focus at the corner of the stairs.

At the treatment waiting area, two set of table with four rattan chairs fill the space. On the wooden paneled floor, guests can rest while being caressed by the wind from the sea blowing softly through the window opening like the traditional village house.

As an addition to a nice view, batik cloth, peacock’s feather, green plants and exotic flowers are placed at corners and on tables for creative combination. The aroma from the therapeutic oil that stimulates the olfactory senses soothes the mind and guest’s heartbeat.

The steps to the treatment room will go through rocky pathway and staircases. The surrounding’s green scenery is joined by several herbal plants, making the pathway almost academic.

The author is told that Ishan Malaysian Spa has six rooms with two of them can fit in up to three persons for a simultaneous treatment. While being massaged, beautiful scenery is laid in front of guests through the window panes. Should the evening sun shines too brightly, the batik cloth are there to cover the window.

Every room is connected to the bathing tub and shower area for cleaning oneself. While it is surrounded by decoration stones and wall craft, the bathing tub full with flower petals and slices of Pandan leaves is calling its guests to come and wet their body. Each room has a different bathroom area plan, and this makes each one of them appears unique.

According to the owner as well as the spa consultant and manager, Baskaran Kosthi, everything that can be seen and experienced in Ishan Malaysian Spa has Malaysian characteristics.

“From building architecture and decoration to the ingredients used in treatments are all the legacy of cultural knowledge passed down through generations that can usually be found in villages across the entire nation,” said Baskaran who is also a yoga instructor.

Even though all those are inspired by cultural practices of the multi-cultural local societies through generations, guests are also given the opportunity to try treatment techniques from Bali, Thailand, and also India.

The author that was given the opportunity to experience the massage and therapeutic pressings, dares to conclude that Ishan Malaysian Spa succeeds in leaving an enjoyable experience and body healing that calms the soul.

“As the main attraction, we offer a spa environment in the tropical rain forest with spectacular scenery. Guests that come to enjoy the treatments here give good feedback of what we provide,” said the General Manager of Ishan Malaysian Spa, Rajandram Ratnam.

Before returning home, the author was treated with sweet delicacies and hot ginger tea. The opportunity to relax ourselves was used fully to recover the balance of our bodily senses while enjoying the sweet melody of wild birds. Spending time for a while on the rocking chair at the end of the veranda, the author agrees that Ishan Malaysian Spa is excellent with its first class services.

Ishan Malaysian Spa Pantai Tengah

Best of Langkawi Online Magazine

This spectacular hilltop spa is set in natural forest with views out over the Andaman Sea.

The spa has been developed by one of Asia’s leading spa consultants using traditional Malaysian herbal knowledge but incorporating Indian and international spa treatments and techniques from all corners of Asia.

Ishan Malaysian Spa is a newcomer to Langkawi but has already developed a regular clientele with both local residents and visitors keeping the spa busy. Book well before your holiday to ensure you can enjoy a full spa program at the times most convenient for you.

The spa is build entirely of natural materials with the reception area and each massage chalet featuring walls of glass to enjoy the stunning ocean views.

Ishan Malaysian Spa is professionally run with the emphasis on friendly service and high quality ethnic treatments that incorporate traditional natural herbs. In addition to local regulars, guests come from all corners of the works, especially from Japan, Europe and other Asian countries. Prices are very reasonable.

See the Ishan Malaysian Spa website for full details of treatments and prices - you can book your treatment online.

Ishan Malaysian Spa is open from 10am to 10pm, 7 days a week.

Langkawi – the Island of Dreams

By Maria Zinovieva - The Moscow Times 3 Nov 2006

An old Malaysian legend tells of Mahsuri, a beautiful Langkawi maiden who was falsely accused of adultery and sentenced to a heinous death two hundred years ago. Since her pleas for justice went unheard, Mahsuri cursed Langkawi before she died, bringing down seven generations of political misfortunes, natural disasters and general bad luck upon the island.

Today, however, locals believe that seven generations have passed, the curse has been broken and the lush, tropical isle, known for years as “Malaysia’s best-kept secret,” is coming into its own as one of Southeast Asia’s premier tourist destinations.

Langkawi is the largest island in an archipelago of 99 islets and atolls lying off the northwest coast of Malaysia. With its pristine sandy beaches, picturesque rainforests and year-round blue skies, Langkawi qualifies for the sometimes overused title of “tropical paradise” as much as Penang and Phuket, its better-known neighbors to the west.

To reach the island, Moscow residents take a 10-hour trip to Kuala Lumpur via Bangkok (Thai Airways currently flies from Domodedovo airport to Bangkok three times per week), and then an additional hour-long connecting flight to the island itself. The drive from the airport to your hotel may prove somewhat anticlimactic; you will be treated to views of empty spaces and shabby villages, with neither the island’s storied jungle nor the water anywhere in sight. All that changes, however, upon arriving at the coast, where a storybook vista of tiny verdant islets scattered throughout the blue Andaman Sea opens up before you….

Spas, by the way, are a separate topic. Just like Bali, Langkawi is a major Asian spa center, where spa culture has evolved into an art form. Nearly every hotel in Langkawi features its own spa, with prices ranging from moderate to sky-high. For a truly unique experience that will tantalize the tired soul and rest the weary mind, book an appointment at Ishan Malaysian Spa, which is renowned for its herb treatments as well as its remote jungle location.....

Whether you spend all day on the beach or explore every peak and valley on the island, a vacation in Langkawi will be a trip to remember. So pack your bags and get ready to hear those magical words – selamat datang ke Langkawi – welcome to Langkawi!

Feeling very tired? Take a SPA vacation in Langkawi

Borneo Post Online 17 July 2007

Feeling mentally and physically tired? Try recalling when was the last time that you spent a vacation at your dream holiday resort.

For city dwellers who are exhausted from their daily regime like enduring motoring on heavily-congested and smog-filled roads, then they can pack their bags and go back to nature amidst the green and lush jungles of Taman Negara.

At the national park, they can enjoy a cruise up the Sungai Tahan, brave the rapids, and watch the kelah fish (Malaysian Mahseer) swim around in the clear river water.

For those surrounded by the concrete jungle, they can also head for the country’s luscious beaches like that found at Pangkor and Langkawi islands.

In a nutshell, eco-tourism is one of the most sought after “escapade” among Malaysians and foreigners. The country has many such destinations and one of them is the world renowned tourism retreat of Pulau Langkawi.

Enjoy a Spa Vacation

This the time of the visit Malaysia Year 2007 but many are still in the dark with the “Cuti-Cuti Spa” (Spa Holidays) concept.

Apart from being a duty-free shopping haven, Pulau Langkawi, the island of many legends, in fact has a number of spas that attract both domestic and foreign tourists alike.

Despite the expanding spa industry in Malaysia, not many realise that a visit to a spa is worth the money and effort. In fact, a few sessions in a spa can rejuvenate tired limbs. In Langkawi, almost half of the island’s resorts and hotels provide spas. And there are many more which are privately-operated.

For Mazni Aniza Mat Dasor from Kuala Lumpur, taking a spa vacation is among the reason that took her to Langkawi.

“I think a spa session is an ideal stress-relieving treatment. There is nothing to be worried as the session is professionally conducted. The staff at the spa are well trained and they provide a friendly service and we are treated like queens. It is worth the money,” said a satisfied Mazni Aniza who underwent a spa session at Ishan Malaysian Spa in Pantai Tengah.

Meanwhile another city dweller, Masliwati Ahmad said a visit to the spa should be among an individual’s itinerary during a visit to the resort island.

“During a vacation, holiday-makers should be relaxing by viewing the beautiful panorama. But they should also include another item in their agenda, which is a spa visit. After a day of trekking, imagine treating and soothing your muscles and joints in a spa. After this your body would be fresher and ready for another day of exciting vacation”.

Langkawi's Spas

Ishan Malaysian Spa, Pantai Tengah Located on a hill facing the Andaman Sea. Provides a spa treatment that is actually a “fusion” from various ethnic groups in Malaysia. Its spa rooms are six Malay-styled chalets each equipped with a jacuzzi...

The Long Awaited Trip

by Tammy at - 27 Oct 2007

After 3 hours of shopping, we finally decide to go for the Ishan Malaysian Spa. Not really Thai massage but it a mixture of Malay, Chinese & Indian style. Hmmm. I chose the Orchid package. Body scrub, body massage, flower bath and facial.

I didn't know that I have to be completely naked. Luckily I chose to have my own private room. Haha.

My whole body was aching from all the walking and shopping from the past few days and what could be a better idea than having spa on the last day of my holiday.

It started off with the body massage. Every part of my body was massaged….. Very relaxing. But I was sooo shy to be showing off my completely naked body to my masseuse…. But there were some parts that I can't stop laughing especially when she massaged my back and foot. It tickles!

After the massage, was the body scrub. I was literally shivering like mad coz it was already at night and the air is very cold and I'm naked! When my masseuse told me that the scrub have to be left for 15 minutes I was like... die liao. And she covered my body with banana leaves. It didn't felt that cold.

The next stage is the flower bath. The jacuzzi tub is filled with water mixed with aromatherapy oil. While in the jacuzzi, I really can see and feel the difference on my skin. My skin is soooooooooooooooo smooth! I love the scrub!

The final stage was the facial. It was gooooood too.

After the whole treatment, I felt so refreshed! No more stiff shoulders and back pain. The spa is nothing like KL. I must visit this spa again when I'm back to Langkawi. I was so excited about the spa treatment that I totally forgot about my waxing.