Langkawi Island of Malaysia

Amongst one of the most treasured islands in Malaysia, Langkawi consists of a group of islands north-west of Peninsular Malaysia, just a 2-hour ferry ride from Satun, Thailand.

Tourist local and abroad head to this island, in increasing numbers every year, to experience an exciting and memorable island vacation.

There is much to see and explore in Langkawi. We have spectacular nature, beautiful beaches, flora and fauna, birdwatchers paradise and picturesque mountain views. Langkawi cuisine offers a variety of local traditional and western fare, all tantalizingly delicious. Enjoy local tourist activities such as the famous Cable Car ride up the mountain, island-hopping, batik drawing and the Gamat (sea cucumber) scene.

Pantai Tengah, a rising jewel in the heart of Langkawi, is the place to be. It hosts many trendy restaurants, bars, boutique resorts and spas. Ishan Malaysian Spa is located in Pantai Tengah, allowing you to be only minutes away from your next island activity.